Deniece McAnulty

  founded GMR  In 1981

and continues to ride

  with them today


 A Tip Of Our Hats To Those Dedicated &

Steadfast Horsewomen Who Saved

GMR From Certain Death!

They are now affectionately known as the ...


Sharon Boler        Mary Lynn Doyle

Virginia Dubroy

Debbie Dolson        Sondra Haile

Gayle Higgs

Deniece McAnulty        Memory Wolfe

Early in 1981 Deniece Lepperd McAnulty, a Prescott area horsewoman, founded and organized a women's riding group with the goal of promoting equine interest.  Patterned after the Blue Mountain Riders, a similar organization in her hometown of Walla Walla, Washington, the group became known as the Granite Mountain Riders after Prescott's beautiful wilderness landmark Granite Mountain.  For many years, 15 to 25 Granite Mountain Riders enjoyed and were  involved in numerous horse-related fun activities such as trail rides, parades, horse shows and equine education.  Highlights included managing the popular Mile High Quarter Horse Mini-Circuit, providing  the "seed money"  for Horses With H.E.A.R.T., student scholarships and financially supporting a variety of community services.


             THE GMR STORY


Over time membership began to dwindle and by early 2010 a scant eight members remained on the roster.  Despite GMR's history and roots in the community the nearly 30-year-old organization was on the verge of folding.  An honorary but inactive member for  several years, Deniece McAnulty returned to the scene and offered to lead the charge to get the "Ol Gal" back on her feet.  With the help of those few remaining members a campaign was launched with high hopes of saving GMR.


A full range of equine related activities including monthly trail rides, field trips, retreat rides and educational equine demonstrations rounded out a yearly published calendar.  This new and revitalized organization soon sparked the interest of horsewomen from all over the greater Prescott area and membership quickly grew to 50.  Horsewomen of all ages and all walks of life jumped at the chance to join this renewed and exciting organization. By the end of 2010 membership peaked at well over 100 and has consistently stayed at that level since.