Ellyn Van Slyke

​Ellyn and Benito

Ellyn and Cookie


I recently joined GMR in January, attended my first meeting in February and was amazed at how friendly and outgoing most everyone was. I soon discovered that many ladies were also members of Back Country Horsemen. I learned about GMR from Judy Johnson at a BCHCAZ and she was right! What a great group of gals you are!

My palomino pony, Golden, who was originally purchased for my grandchildren, has become mine again. I enjoy her, but she is inspiring me to lose a little of that moving weight!! I also have a cat, Lillie, and a dog, Lucy. They came all the way across country with us via my living quarters trailer.

I am married to Mike and we have survived 50 years! We definitely deserve one another. He is a great guy and very tolerant of my horse addiction. He even attends an occasional horsey meeting. God bless him.

We come from Southeast Michigan and boy are we glad that we did not spend this past winter there!! I am still getting snow pictures from my friends that live in the “tip of the Mitt” region of lower Michigan. We have almost one year here and are getting more acclimated to AZ.

I used to have a grey-and-white racking pony the grandchildren named “Checkers” since he was spotted as a baby. Well, I loaned him to my daughter’s boys to ride. One day the boys and their dad all went for a ride down the road. The youngest, Stonewall, was 3 years old and dad had him on leadline next to big horse. All was well until a big buck jumped up out of the thick brush. My poor son in-law was afraid to look back at the possible train wreck. When he turned to check everyone, here was Stonewall shimmying back down that pony’s neck with a big old grin on his face. “Look Dad, just like “Spidey” (Spiderman, his favorite super hero at the time.) That pony was a stinker, but he and Stonewall had a lot of fun together.

I am just beginning to experience the variety of activities offered by GMR. I can’t wait to participate more and enjoy time with the GMR ladies!