Karen Martinez

​Sarge & me doing Pageant of Flags at Salinas Rodeo





​I am Karen Martinez and I joined GMR in May after moving here.   I had met Carol Ross, who brought me to a meeting and developed an instant connection because we both have Missouri Fox Trotters.

I have 3 Missouri Fox Trotters:  Sarge, a 24-year-old, who I rode in the 4th of July Parade with GMR.  I have Summer, a 16-year-old rock solid mare who does anything you ask of her and she’s beautiful too.   I trained her to pull a cart which we enjoy doing often through our neighborhood.   Then there is Sendero, who is 6 and I got as a baby and trained myself.  He has an amazing mind and gentle temperament. 

I am married to Alex and we’ve been together for 24 years.  I am a retired San Jose Police Officer and moved here from the Central Coast of California in April.  We’ve been trying to get to Prescott for 12 years but life kept getting in the way.  I have a 24-year-old daughter who lives in LA and works for a Wine Safari Company in Malibu. 

My favorite stories about my horses are many but this one takes the cake.  Sendero was a yearling and I had only had him 2 weeks.  He had never even had a halter on before I got him.  I trailer trained him in 15 minutes.  I took him to a Police Horse Sensory Clinic and planned to just do a few obstacles to bond with him.  Darn horse thought I took him to Disneyland.  He isn’t afraid of anything.  His curious nature made me instantly fall in love with him.  He is still the same gentle and curious soul he was when he was a baby.

 I like the camaraderie of GMR and look forward to perhaps doing drill team and more rides once I get settled.  Our place needed a lot of work when we moved in and we’ve been working nonstop.  I’m grateful for this gracious horse-community here in Prescott and absolutely feel blessed to finally be living here.