Linda Williamson

​Linda and Lewis

​Age 8 or 9 on my cousin's horse

I became a member of Granite Mountain Riders in 2015 when I learned about it through Horsing Around.  I was born a horse lover and have always been attracted to all things horse.  Since my parents were unwilling to allow me to have one, I latched on to anyone I knew who had horses and begged to clean stalls, feed, groom, exercise and whatever else was needed.  What a pest I must have been!!!  I was blessed to have people generous enough to allow me to ride and even show their horses.  Being one who has never had a riding lesson, I am in awe of the women in this group.  What amazing talent and knowledge! 

I finally started my herd in my late 40’s when my dear husband, Lewis, offered to care for a horse for me.  I had developed horrible allergies and asthma from working at a Vet Clinic from age 11 to 18 and he knew I couldn’t care for a horse on my own.  He never knew what hit him!  We went from 1 to 5 horses in a month plus pasturing several of the neighbor’s horses.  We now have 2 quarter horses, Bailey and Shorty, a pony, Annie, a miniature horse, Prescott, and 2 miniature donkeys, Lakia (a/k/a Mamacita) and Stormy Radar – born in a Wisconsin snowstorm.  We also have 3 rescue dogs.  Oh, and 5 rescue chickens.  My husband is a saint.  😊

Prior to moving here we lived in Hurley, Wisconsin. We were only there to help care for my aging grandparents who lived across the river in Upper Michigan.  We planned to move to AZ after retiring, but the winter of 2013-2014 did us in.  We wish we had moved sooner!  I love working as a mortgage loan officer and I love Homeowners Financial Group!  I have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people and the GMR girls are the BEST of them!  We are so blessed to be here!!!  My only complaint is that I don’t have enough time to ride.  I will be able to retire in a few years and look forward to a lot of fun with all of you!​



Christmas ride with Shorty at Watson Lake