Kevyne Guinn

​Happy March everyone!  I’m Kevyne Guinn and I just joined GMR in February.  I heard about the group from Sally Hensley who I met while riding for first time at Granite Mountain.

 I am currently down to one horse, Cody, age 24, a QH/Morgan cross. I got him in Montana when he was 5. He was very traumatized so I started him over. He is a wonderful gelding who has never said "no."  He’s kind of a curmudgeon, but the luv of my life. I had a Horse & Rider Education business that I closed to start to snowbird here.

I was married at one time, but divorced and single life suits me just fine.  I have one son, Andy, 49, and 3 grandchildren ages 23, 21, & 18 and they all live in Omaha.  Nebraska is where I grew up but at age 44 I left home for gorgeous Montana and lived there for 26 years. I began snowbirding down to Wickenburg in 2008.  Last fall, I drug everything I could load in my truck and horse trailer to establish permanent residency here in AZ.  I winter in Wickenburg and am still searching for my permanent summer spot, but all in due time.

 My favorite story about my horse Cody has to be about how fast he falls in love. When he does, and the inevitable separation happens (while I am mounted, mind you), Cody stands up on his hind, hops up and down, looking far and wide for his lost buddy, calling desperately to no avail, with me in my heels grasping at mane and hopping along with him...repeatedly we worked our way back to the trailer. I was a much better rider when we got there! And he had resigned himself to the rejection.  Horses are just the BEST !!​