Marilyn Sieckmann


​Hi.  I’m Marilyn Sieckmann.  I've only been a member of GMR for about six months, but have known about the group for years. I was finally convinced to join because I not only wanted to try out for drill team, but everyone seems so genuinely friendly, it just seemed like the right thing to do.

 I have a 19 year old TWH named Dillon, and a friend keeps his old horse, Bubba, who is maybe 28+? at our place so Dillon has company.  I also have 2 rescued Aussies, JJ and Dude.  JJ is 8, and my protector, while Dude is more like the personality of a large guardian breed in that he loves other animals and people unless they are not his.  He chases off the neighbor's cats, and bunnies, ravens, and coyotes with a vengeance, but he once rescued a quail egg, and was holding it gently between his paws.

 I'm married to Bill since 1971!  We have a daughter, Amy, three grown granddaughters and a great-grand baby is expected about 7 months from now!  I retired from teaching in 2011 after having two knee replacements in the same year, and decided I couldn't keep up with riding and teaching.  Obviously, horse riding won out!

 I've lived in Prescott most of my life, and consider it my home town, but moved to Chino in 2003 so I could have a horse on my own property. I'm an actual Arizona native!

After moving to Chino, I researched what kind of horse I might like, leaning towards an Appaloosa, but falling for a gaited horse after riding a friend's in Colorado.  I found Dillon in the Courier and did just about everything wrong that a 1st time owner shouldn't do, but we've survived 15 years together thanks to Gary Gang’s Equine classes, and friends I met in those classes.  I’m also a member of the Yavapai County Search & Rescue Mounted Unit.

What’s my favorite GMR activity?  I’d better say Drill Team, with trail rides a close second.  But wait, there's also the parades now!