Kathleen Nemetz


Happy New Year!  I am Kathleen Nemetz, a brand new GMR member!  I just joined GMR in December 2019 after hearing about the organization from a friend. I am new to the area; arrived from California in November.

I currently do not have a horse, but would like to have one in the next year.  For horse fun I volunteer at Yavapai Equine Rescue in Paulden.  Formerly I volunteered with rescue horses for the Milo Foundation in Novato, CA.

I have ridden since I was a child.  My best experience with horses was a day-long trail ride near Yellowstone and again in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  When I was younger, I trained in jumping, but do not wish to do that anymore.  I live in Paulden on 6 acres and work in Prescott managing stock and bond portfolios.

I attended the GMR Christmas party and met so many friendly ladies.  I look forward to meeting more members and to all the GMR meetings and events coming in 2020!